Welcome to Olive Oil
Welcome to Olive Oil

The History of MORENO, S.A. begins in 1935, when Baldomero Moreno Espino, starts his own business. At first he starts working in the wood trade, and later, in 1940, he expands his activity into olive oil business.

In 1947, to expand his marketing scope, he acquires an export license and the sale of his products in foreign markets begins.

Around the middle of the 70s, and with the purpose of expanding the commercialisation of its products, POMPEIAN, INC., (Baltimore, Maryland) is purchased. Sometime later BRAZEITE INDUSTRIA É COMERCIO, S.A. (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) is founded. These companies target at promoting olive oil business in their respective countries.

For Moreno the quality of the oil which is bottled under any of its brands is a prime requirement. For this reason the oil is rigorously selected by our own panel test which acts in accordance with the method established in the regulation CEE 2568/91.

We in this company are aware that QUALITY IS MADE BY US, because it is a chain that starts in the tree and finishes in the consumer. Therefore, the characteristics proper to the fruit and those which result from natural conditions such as the climate and the soil where olives are grown are combined with those resulting from the productive process. Therefore for Moreno it is essential that such a process is carried thorough properly so as to avoid any alterations that could reduce the quality of the oil.

MORENO S.A. is a leading packer of Spanish Olive Oil and manufacturer of other food products. Our experience is over 70 years, and has led to our Spanish products being supplied to more than fifty international markets.

This experience has enabled Moreno to develop an expert knowledge of export and international requirements.